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Choirboys: Run To Paradise

Saturday 17 August 8:00pm                                                                   

As young twenty-something-year-olds, Choirboys formed in 1978, growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The wild, hedonistic lifestyle the band witnessed of the youth in the '70s is ultimately what gave birth to their seminal rock anthem, Run To Paradise. It’s all about the stories that sound all too familiar within the culture widely assumed of the music industry - “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” and they tell it all.

Who would have thought that Run To Paradise, thirty-five years on, would ultimately have started the first chapter of a myriad of untold stories as recalled by a band that’s seen it all, heard it all, and helped in the craziness?

Run To Paradise is a “spilling of the beans” of sorts. It's part story, part song that chronicles some of the wildest, most risqué, outrageous, and downright hilarious stories of Australian Rock. All, as these Oz pub-rock icons recall it.

“They didn’t call it Pub Rock in those days, but we were there in the beginning and we’re still here now,” says front-man, Mark Gable. “Put it down to hearsay – it’s our opinion, it’s what we saw, it’s what people told us and most of it is extremely funny and incredibly interesting. Some of the stories are so funny and just plain stupid because back then, we could do things that nobody else could do because it wasn’t a normal job. There were no rules.""

Which movie star did the Divinyls bass player meet under a table at a nightclub, what were Chuck Berry’s weird work tactics, if Deep Purple was really responsible for Mark walking with a limp, and what happened to a pair of Iggy Pop’s pants?

And behind the narrative are the classic songs that define the musical landscape of rock music in the ’70s and ’80s, including Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water, Chuck Berry’s Never Can Tell, TMG’s Jump In My Car, Dragon’s Are You Old Enough, AC/DC’s Long Way To The Top and of course the Choirboys hits Boys Will Be Boys, Never Gonna Die, Struggletown and the pub-rock anthem, Run to Paradise, to name a few.

Duration: 2 hours including a 20 minute intermission

*The VIP Choirboys Experience!
Take your night out to the next level by getting up close and personal with the legendary Choirboys! Arrive at 7pm sharp to meet the band and let the magic unfold! Hurry, there are only a limited number of VIP tickets so get in quick!

VIP: $120*
Members: $64
Full: $69
Concession: $64
Groups 10+: $64

    • $69.00
    • 17 August 2024
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